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House made desserts
Brunch platter for here or togo
Pickelhaube Bloody Mary
Hamburgers, outragious toppings
      Holiday themed Menues
  Schnitzels, lots of Schnitzels
Family Dinners            TOGO
Merchandise available
Party platters
Daily Specials

Meet The Chef

Chef Jannec Hornig, born and raised in Berlin, Germany and schooled in Berlin at the Sylter Hof Berlin, toured Europe to widen his culinary experience.


When he came to the United States he met his wife Katherine, an Irish American who grew up in Ireland before moving to the United States.

Jannec and Katherine now continue the tradition of German customs and exceptional service at their very own Restaurant, The Alpine Chef.

Together for 15 plus years at different kitchens,          with his team, Maribel Romero & Joe Henneberry,

something special is always cooking in their kitchen 


Family Style Meals To Go

Make dinner at home simple and delicious with our family style meals.


Each family meal serves four people at a great price!


Available for takeaway only

See our menu page, and decide which meal suits you best!

Wedding Table Set

 Our Brotzeitteller. Click on top to see more   events pages and info



Martini Mittwoch
every Wednesday

      7.00          Special      Martinis   at the bar

April cocktails

  Key lime pie
Choco espresso
Water melon


      3/30 - 4/1

  cream of asparagus
        Spargel crepes
            Ragout Fin
 - Roasted lamb with -        bread dumplings 
-  Prime Rib with -              broccoli gratin
   - Grilled swordfish -
  and shrimp & scallop                     paella
      Special Desserts

   Spargelfest 4/1
    Spring wine
  Spargel crepes

Beer battered Spargel
Duck breast, bacon wrapped asparagus, red wine chili jus
   Schnitzels, white asparagus,             fried egg & hollandaise
Pork filet & asparagus risotto
                 vegetarian  pappardelle with asparagus, artichoke, tomato, spinach   in parmesan cream sauce

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